Ecom Med Nano Silver 4-Layers Antibacterial Medical Mask

The structure of an antibacterial medical mask will normally consist of 3 layers of non-woven fabric and 1 layer of melt blown filter. For the Premium Ecom Med Nano Silver 4-Layers Antibacterial Medical Mask, the structure is designed specifically. In addition to the Melt blown filter, there is also a Silver Nano layer that effectively kills germs.

Thanks to this structure, Ecom Med Nano Silver 4-Layers Antibacterial Medical Mask has a dual protective effect with the aim of not only promoting the ability of filtering bacteria from the melt blown layer but also helping to destroy even the smallest bacteria and viruses passing through the melt blown layer. Therefore, the filter efficiency reaches 99.9%.

Ecom Net’s leading engineering team has successfully researched the technology to create a Nano Silver molecular layer with superior bactericidal ability. Nano silver with clear white color is evenly distributed on the filter structure. It is completely different in comparison with usual pale yellow Nano Silver products.

The process of sterilization by UV rays and individual packaging helps to achieve absolute sterility. This is an advanced technology that very few enterprises in Vietnam can do and is highly appreciated by many countries all over the world. It helps ensure the perfect sterility of the mask when being delivered to customers, doctors, medical professionals…

Ecom Med Nano Silver 4-Layers Antibacterial Medical Mask is a premium product, providing optimal protection. The product is highly recommended for using in environments with many germs, pathogens and high risk of infection such as hospitals, operating rooms, medical facilities, medical examination and treatment, laboratories, highly infectious environment…Ecom Med Premium Nano Silver is supplemented with Nano Silver Dual protection with the aim of not only promoting the bacteriostatic effect of the melt blown layer but also destroying germs and pathogens. It will absolutely bring the perfect protection to you.

Detailed description:

Product name: Ecom Med Nano Silver 4-Layers Antibacterial Medical Mask
Bar code: 893 6194 190109
Color: Blue/white

Product standard:

Vietnam standard: TCVN 14683:2016
European standard (the highest level): Type IIR – EN 14683
USA standard (the highest level): Level 3 – ASTM F2100

The structure of Ecom Med Nano Silver 4-Layers Antibacterial Medical Mask

  • 1st layer: the outer layer (anti-fluid non-woven fabric)
  • 2nd layer: the melt blown antibacterial filter
  • 3rd layer: the Nano Silver layer with the ability of killing 99.9% germ
  • 4th layer: the inner layer containing non-woven fabric that contacts with skin. It does not cause itching, allergies

  • Thanks to the dual protection function, the ability of filtering the bacteria of Ecom
  • Med Nano Silver mask is up to 99.9%
  • Clear origin
  • Smooth and sleek non-woven fabric layers
  • White strap
  • Elastic material whose resilient is up to 300% cause absolutely no earache when worn for a long time (8 hours)
  • Steel-core plastic ear loop which can be adjusted snugly around the nose and fits all faces
  • Size: Adult (17.5cm*9.5cm, equivalent to 6.9*3.7 inch)

The uses of Ecom Med Nano Silver 4-Layers Antibacterial Medical Mask

• Comfortable, easy to breath
• Do not cause skin allergies
• Contain 3 layers of optimal protection against the invasion of pathogens through the respiratory tract
• 100% water resistance and anti-fluid
• Filter fine dust, bacteria, viruses and pathogens up to 99%
• Adjustable
• Convenient, safe, elastic. In addition, it does not cause ear pain.
• The production, packaging and storage environment is clean and hygienic. The factory is guaranteed to comply with Japanese 5S standards
• Absolutely contain no harmful heavy metals such as: Lead (Pb), Mercury(Hg), Arsen(As), Antimon (Sb), Cadimi(Cd)

Ecom Med Nano Silver 4-Layers Antibacterial Medical Mask is manufactured under a modern, highly automated process that meets the most rigorous standards such as:

• Certificate of Free Sales certified by Ministry of Health
• ISO 13485: 2016
• CE Marking

Directions for use:

• Put the mask on the face in the correct direction of the nose clip above. Do not touch the inside of the mask to avoid infection
• Wear the ear-loop through your ears
• Pull the mask over the chin to make sure it covers the entire nose and mouth
• Use your fingers to adjust the splint as long as it fits the nose
• Masks should be changed when used for more than 8 hours
• Store in a dry and cool place


• Mask size (cm): 17.5*9.5
• Box size (cm): 18.5L*10W*11H
• Mask is individual packed into nylon bags to ensure the complete sterilization
• Box Packing: 30pcs/box
• Box weight: 270g
• Carton packing: 50 boxes/carton
• Carton size: 52L*40W*60H
• Carton weight: 13.5 kg

In addition, ECOM MED NANO SILVER 4-layers antibacterial medical mask is also packaged into the convenient bags

• 10pcs/ convenient bag
• 250 bags/carton
• Bag size(cm): 12.5*24.5

About the manufacturer

Ecom Net Investment Holding Company brought the comfort and optimum protection to the customer through Ecom Med high quality medical mask. We have been using 100% high quality ingredients originated in Vietnam. Our products help maintain excellent breathability as well as providing bacterial filtration (BFE) up to 99%. Moreover, our products meet Type I, II, IIR according to European standard EN 14683 and Level 1,2,3 of ATSM F2010 according to the standards of the USA and Canada. Ecom Med masks are currently favored by domestic and foreign markets such as USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, …

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