Ecom Net met FDA Standard exporting to the US

Currently, the need for face masks, especially the anti-bacteria medical face masks, for epidemic prevention has increased dramatically not only in Vietnam but also globally, particularly in US and countries under complicated situation. Ecom Net is producing and exporting high quality surgical/ medical face masks to meet the high demand in the market, particularly in the US market.

On August 27, Ecom Med face masks made in Vietnam first arrived in the US, supplied to 360 hospitals under the US Department of Defense, contributing to the frontline physicians of the country in the fight against COVID 19.   Face mask line of Ecom Med – a brand of Ecom Net Investment Joint Stock Company, meets the US FDA standards and passed tests of Nelsons Labs – a world famous research lab. It is a great pride that personal protective equipment (PPE) of Vietnam has passed international manufacturing standards as well as tests of the leading international research labs. It is the result of the hard work and methodical production of all staffs, engineers and factory workers.

Before that, on August 14, our representative of Ecom Net USA – a brand of Ecom Net Investment JSC of Vietnam, signed a contract with Spartan – a medical group located in Rockville, Maryland, USA, providing face masks and PPE to the hospitals of the group in the US.     Ecom Net USA is currently looking for a location in the US to build a factory to produce protective products for the US market. This business plan has been welcomed and supported by the State of Maryland.