National Certificate of Ecom Net & Ecom Med Medical/Surgical Face Mask

The need for face masks, especially antibacterial medical face masks, to prevent epidemics has increased dramatically. Responding to the great demand from the market, Ecom Net Investment Joint Stock Company has exclusively produced and distributed medical face masks, anti-epidemic suits, medical protective suits and disposable medical products. Millions of high-quality medical protective products have reached consumers at reasonable prices to accompany the fight against Covid 19.

To do this, Ecom Net – one of the few companies, produces medical face masks alongside manufactures and supplies the antibacterial Melt blown filters that play a key role in creating the antibacterial filter effect of the medical face masks. As such, Ecom Net has always been proactive in materials, production planning, and not affected by marketing volatility, sky-rocket material prices, and uncontrolled quality.

Ecom Net’s face mask products have been granted the Certificate of Free Sales by the Ministry of Health, and have obtained domestic certifications including ISO, CFS of the Ministry of Health and country’s leading inspection & measurement agencies such as Vina Control, Quantest 3, TCVN 8389, etc.,. Ecom Net factory’s quality management system is granted the ISO 13485: 2016 certification. All staffs must perform personal sterilization before entering the production area. The automatic machine system restrains direct contact on products, thus ensures to meet the quality standards and protect people’s health.

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