Ecom Net Medical Mask Factory Worker’s Feeling About Manufacturing Environment & Product Quality

Ecom Net factory workers are required to comply with the cleanest and safest production standards. The person from the outside has to wash hands with hand sanitizer, wearing gloves, masks, caps and going through the sterilization chamber. When entering the production area, all workers and engineers are required to wear protective clothing. All requirements are to create clean, high-quality products with the highest standards serving the domestic market and exporting to all over the world.

Ms. Chau Kim Chi – Worker:
I’m a packing worker. The stitching of the embryo mask and attaching ear loop are all automatically made to avoid human contact, ensuring product safety. We are allowed to contact the product directly only when double-checking and packing. However, we must wear protective clothing and glovers very carefully to ensure that the product reaches the customer in the safest and most perfect way, without any defects or damage”.

Ms. Phan My Hang – Group Leader:
The working environment is awesome. The production process complies with the strictest safety regulations. My family and relative are absolutely satisfied with my company’s product.

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