HTV Channel 9 Reported On Ecom Net Mask Subsidies On The Noon News Broadcasted On August 17th 2020

Ho Chi Minh City Television Channel 9 reported on Ecom Net Mask Subsidies on the noon news broadcasted on August 17th 2020. Ecom Net Investment Holding Company is pleased to accompany with Ho Chi Minh City Television Channel 9 in ECOM NET Mask Subsidies joining hands with community to fight against Covid-19 Program

Ecom Net products were honored to be reported by HTV9 television station on the noon news broadcasted on August 17th to introduce high-quality medical products needed during the epidemic season with the best supporting prices to consumers.

As one of the leading units in supplying medical mask products for the domestic and foreign markets, Ecom Net Investment Holding Company has just launched a promotional program being well-received from a large number of customers to subsidize medical masks

Ecom Net Medical Mask is made from selected materials originated in Vietnam with the effect of preventing pathogens, viruses and fine dust. Moreover, it also meets BFE index up to 99%. Ecom Net is providing antibacterial medical masks such as Silver Nano Crystal, Activated Carbon, and Ultra Protect antibacterial with 4 layers, Care Plus antibacterial mask with 3 light layers which is suitable for using in summer.

Sharing with Ho Chi Minh City Television Channel 9, Mr. Tran Van Long – Director of Ecom Net Investment Holding Company said that ECOM NET has invested much in the equipment system and infrastructure to produce important material of the medical mask.

He said that the most important layer of a medical mask is bacterial filter and we succeeded in producing this kind of material. Our products have been recognized by medical organizations in Vietnam as well as international ones. In Vietnam, the human and material costs are lower than the ones in foreign countries. That leads to the fact the price of masks is much lower than before.

Ecom Net’s products are manufactured with modern and highly automatic production lines together with the process of limiting human contact helping the product fully meet the standards of antibacterial and epidemic prevention. Currently, Ecom Net medical masks have been exported to many countries around the world such as South Korea, Japan, and Australia. In addition, Ecom Net medical masks meet the demand of exporting to the most tough markets such as USA and EU.

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