Ecom Med medical masks are highly recommended by doctors and medical experts

The quality of Ecom Med masks on the market is confirmed by the following evidence
Medical masks are considered as an essential product that plays an important role in preventing the infection of bacteria and viruses through the respiratory tract. Therefore, choosing a mask with qualified antibacterial layer is customer’s top concern.

How to recognize a high quality mask?
•A basic medical mask consists of these following layers:
•A green or white outer layer, composed of non-woven fabric with the aim of filtering dust
•A melt blown filter layer. This is the most important layer to create antibacterial index for the mask. Without this layer, the mask regardless of how many layers mainly contain the function of filtering dust instead of antibacterial feature. The antibacterial index is called the BFE. The BFE should be at least 95%.
•An innermost layer contacting with your skin. It usually contains a white non-woven fabric which does not cause itching, allergies
• Elastic material whose resilient is up to 300%
• Cause absolutely no earache when worn for a long time
• Steel-core plastic ear loop which can be adjusted snugly around the nose and fits all faces. It helps prevent the penetration of air and pathogen

Masks that meet quality standards in domestic circulation need to ensure TCVN 8389: 2010, Certificate of Free Sales certified by the Ministry of Health and some quality standards for production factories, including ISO 13485: 2016

Products which is in need of being exported to foreign countries are about to meet stricter standards such as: CE Standard for being exported to Europe; US FDA certification; Standard EN 14683: 2019. Masks that meet export standards will meet different requirements and criteria from reputable laboratories around the world such as Nelson Labs – USA, Eurofin Lab – Europe…
Ecom Med medical masks meet the criteria for exporting to the world’s most difficult markets such as the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan.

On August 7th 2020, 10.000 Ecom Net Medical Masks were chosen by the Embassy of Vietnam in the United States to award the authority of Maryland State with the aim of fighting against Covid-19 epidemic.

Ecom Net is one of the few medical mask manufacturers that are capable of producing high quality melt blown antibacterial filter. It is such a pride that the 100% made in Vietnam medical masks have met the standards for exporting to the world’s most fastidious markets

High quality antibacterial filter with clear origin and top quality brought good signal and new step to Vietnamese enterprise
Ecom Med medical masks have increasingly affirmed the top quality and the widespread distribution system. They deserve to become the trusted brand in the campaign of fighting against Covid-19 epidemic

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