Who certifies the quality of Ecom Med Masks?

Among Ecom Net’s products, Ecom Med medical masks are known as the high quality ones with comfort and optimum protection. With 100% high quality ingredients originated from Vietnam, the products help maintain excellent breathability by providing bacterial filtration index which is up to 99.9%. They meet Type I, II, IIR according to European standard EN 14683 or Level 1,2,3 of ATSM F2010 standard certified by USA and Canada. The Ecom Med medical masks are currently favored by domestic and foreign markets such as US, Europe, Japan, Australia…

Product standard:

  • Vietnam standard: TCVN 14683:2016
  • European standard: Type I; II; IIR – EN 14683
  • USA standard: Level 1,2, 3 – ASTM F2100

Medical Mask Production Line at Ecom Net Factory

Ecom Net Medical Masks Packaging Process

ECOM MED medical masks are manufactured under a modern, highly automated process that meets the most rigorous standards such as:

• Certificate of Free Sales certified by Ministry of Health
• ISO 13485: 2016
• CE Marking

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